"mou~ onii-chan no baka~"

Tor! by quote - 03/19/12 @ 06:56 PM PDT #

AWESOME_ informed me that someone had used Tor to post some unsavory things on /s/, and it had apparently been up for a while. They have since been deleted (along with /s/) and Tor exit nodes are now forbidden from viewing and posting on any boards.

BUG FIX by quote - 02/11/12 @ 11:52 PM PST #

so that bug i posted about nine months ago? i probably have a way to fix it now. gonna implement it on the dev clone either tomorrow or the upcoming weekend. also gonna be fixing up the tag select box a bit.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE i finished the changes ahead of schedule. the tag list display is now server-side so it will dynamically update for every page on /a/. the "Select a tag.." option has been removed and "New tag..." is now the default, and the text box will be ignored if it is empty.

new bug! by quote - 05/18/11 @ 09:30 PM PDT #

found a bug with post tagging: a new tag will only show up on the main board pages and the thread that was tagged, but not any other thread pages. this is because the static thread page HTML files aren't regenerated with every post.

there's no super easy way to fix this, and i'll try out some things on the dev clone this weekend. hopefully they won't slow things down.

new feature! by quote - 05/11/11 @ 11:09 PM PDT #

some time back, awesome asked me to implement post tagging on the anime board. so i did.

you can tag posts with the "Tag" section of the post box, and add new ones by picking "New tag" and adding text in the text box. a tag table will be generated at the top of each page with links to parent threads for each tag.

have fun. it's not very well tested, so let me know if anything breaks.

Moonrunes by quote - 04/03/11 @ 11:42 AM PDT #

As you may or may not have noticed, any Unicode characters (aka moonrunes) have been obliterated. I recently made the switch from 1and1 to Dreamhost, and 1and1 forces its users to use phpmyadmin for any mysql administration. It (or their install of PHP) is apparently configured to only use ASCII internally, so any and all Unicode characters get screwed up, whether that be in SELECT statements or in DB exports.

This is, unfortunately, site-wide and there is nothing I can do to fix it. A few posts on the main boards had Unicode characters which are probably question marks by now, but the main casualty of this is /vip/, which stands a battered, broken husk of a board.

Pour out a 40 for your homie /vip/, may he rest in peace.

1941-1952 NEVAR FORGET by Quote - 01/13/11 @ 09:57 PM PST #

Can I get a spoiler alert please thank you by Quote - 11/28/10 @ 12:38 AM PST #

Spoiler images have been implemented on all of the image boards. Use them.

AHHHHHHHHHGH by Quote - 11/21/10 @ 04:50 PM PST #

HELO I AM NEWS by Quote - 07/18/10 @ 04:40 PM PDT #

16:39 <&Poringez> quote you should make a new newspost
16:39 <&Quote> ok
16:39 <&Quote> what should it say
16:39 <&Poringez> HELLO

Technology by Quote - 04/04/10 @ 11:20 AM PDT #

/g/ is the next board on the chopping block, unless anyone still actually posts there. Doesn't look like it though.

If you really want it to stay, post more. Otherwise I will delete it some time next week.

UPDATE: There was a board here. It's gone now.

DELETIONS by Quote - 02/21/10 @ 09:57 PM PST #

Deleted Science and Nerd, because nobody posts there!
Also make some oekaki.

0.9 by Quote - 02/20/10 @ 05:49 PM PST #

Welcome to KusabaX 0.9.1! I'm not really sure how much this has changed from 0.8, and the upgrade removed a few sets of rules and newsposts, but it does have functioning oekaki!

SCIENCE! by Quote - 08/21/09 @ 07:50 PM PDT #


...... by Quote - 04/14/09 @ 09:46 PM PDT #



Transition Finished by Quote - 12/14/08 @ 03:20 PM PST #

Okay, the transition is done. http://img.i-am-boss.org is the primary address for OniiChan as of now.

Transition~ by Quote - 12/14/08 @ 10:25 AM PST #

hello. it seems like kusaba has been well received so i am going to make the full transition soon (read: today). i will leave the old boards up until mid-january so download what you need before i delete them forever. have a nice day.

HOLY BALLS by Quote - 12/13/08 @ 02:25 AM PST #

so i decided to try out some alternate software for the board. let me know what you think. the trial board is a playground. the feedback board is srs bsns.